16 January 2015

Fridays are for Melodies

Lately I've been thinking about how I used to play the Baritone. I was pretty good at it, but since I'm not going to ever probably play it again in my life, I really need to pick up another instrument. So, two choices... the guitar or the piano. Since we already have those in our house. Technically, I could also choose the cello since my dad has one of those too, but I think I'll pass. ;) *screech screech*

I have always been a person of order and schedules. That's the only way I can ever really feel productive. So to get on a schedule and get something done about this I've decided that Thursdays and Fridays are my days to learn music. The guitar, the piano, or both. We'll see. Monday is laundry, Tuesday is running and Saturday is photography, btw. ;) And everyday is for going to bed a little earlier... ekk, I'm so bad about that! D:

And this Sunday is for a newborn session! :) Excited!


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