06 January 2015

Evening Drive and Tea

It's interesting when I go back through old photos on my hard-drives.
This time I was needing to edit some of the rehearsal pictures for a wedding. The bride asked me for them after the fact. So as I was digging around I found some pictures I took on the same day after the rehearsal. Here again, these photos were taken with the 35mm f/1.4. They really aren't anything extraordinary, but gracious, let's just say I'm missing that lens again!

Just some drive-by pictures with the 35mm.

Then a stop in at Starbucks for a tea and some quiet time before the wedding the next day. :)



  1. Girl, you got a big cup of tea!!! LOL I always love seeing your pics and posts!!

    1. Yes, lol... Gotta get the "venti" size ;)