29 January 2015


Burlington Northern Santa Fe :)
First of all, I find it a little cool that it was the same railroad company runs through town that my Grandpa worked for - the Grandpa I never met in person... :'(

I've been looking up the schedule for the BNSF to see when it will run through town so I can finally catch the video (and hopefully a picture, as well) of the train running over my GoPro.
I will actually be on a "media fast" with all the girls at church for the next week, so I probably won't post anything about it until another week (bad timing :P)

As I mentioned in a previous post though, I have already tried to capture the train thundering over the tracks once before. And the real reason I decided to get up and do this was because of the amazing fog. So I got some shots while I was setting up the GoPro.

There's my little GoPro down there...

And then I waited and waited, and took some pictures of the frost and waited some more...

And yes, my GoPro was under there during the time this picture was taken.

So here's to wishing I can finally capture this little dream of mine this weekend!!


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