18 January 2015


I did my first photo shoot of a newborn this afternoon! I am happy with the way it went and I know that I got everything my client expected and more. Though I obviously wish everything could have gone smoother and that the baby wouldn't cry once... Who am I kidding?! 
Anyway, after the shoot, my sister wanted to do some grocery shopping at Sprouts... So I did a little iPhoneography while she shopped around and ended up finding some stuff for myself. (Basically, for those who don't know, Sprouts is a grocery store that carries organic produce and other food along that nature) 

No, I did not place the green one there for the picture! Hahaha! It was already there...

Too bad you can only buy one, though! ;P

Boy! Did these bright things catch my attention :) I can't wait for spring now! As if I ever wanted it to turn winter in the first place.

Some special sister in West Virginia is going to get these when we go out to visit in March... ;) 

Oooo! Gelato!

So... I'm going gluten free. I've known I needed to do it for a while since I'm semi-allergic. But I've never been so excited to do it! And I found that it really won't be all that hard to do since the main thing I have to steer clear of is wheat, and our family often uses wheat alternatives anyway. So here I go on another adventure. At least it's not as drastic as the vow I made one year to not buy any clothes at all for the whole year just to see if I could do it (I did it successfully, btw). Oh I'm such a stubborn old mule ;)


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