14 February 2015


Shout out to Heather, who gets me all prepared for holidays by sending me decor she made for my room! And 50 cheers for using my 35mm f1.4 for the first time!! :D

This morning I went with Kiki to the lake just to have some alone time. Tonight we are have a surprise 50th birthday for my dad, which means that we clean the house all. day. long. o.O I knew our only breakaway would be in the morning, so we got out of the house early to spend some time with nature.
Plus, I wanted to just get out of the house with my camera and obviously my 35mm! I didn't forget the GoPro, though either... ;) 

Well, back to cleaning I must go! :P The odd thing is that we have to be careful to not rearrange and clean things too much or Daddy might be suspicious that we are having some people over ;)



  1. Arg. I totally commented earlier and it didn't post!!! I hate it when it does that. :(

    I love how you decorated with the little Valentine's Day goodies! And I'm just sayin'-- I just love seeing photos you take of your room. It looks so cozy and cute.

    1. OH! And that purse!! It's the cutest thing ever!! Where did you get it?!

    2. Aw, thanks! And Pintip sent me the purse in one of the packages she sent us recently.