28 February 2015


I woke up this morning. 4am. Ready to hop out of bed and get the day going! Like, the only day I've ever woke up and been ready to get on with the day! Ha! 
But the next thing I know, I was reading a text that said our flights were cancelled because our connecting flight in Dallas had too much ice and snow.

Well, I won't even describe how disappointed I felt (and still am feeling). 
We have the trip re-scheduled, but it just can't be the same. :/
Today has just been a really rough day for me all around, but the Lord gave me a part of this song... "Oh the thought that Jesus loves me... So I will let it change and heal me. Let it ease my troubled mind..."
So you know... 
It's gonna be okay :)

And I was half-way consoled in the fact that we had a beautiful snowfall all morning. So I had to go outside a little. And I found my little bug... the one that's been out of commission the last few weeks. Haha, every time we have to fix something on it, I start to really miss driving the thing. I guess that's a good thing right now since I've been tempted with the thoughts of buying a newer car. ;P Nope! I still love the old thing!

I just uploaded a new video to YouTube... and I also realized that I haven't shared my other video on here either. 

The first one is about our little sledding adventures...

The one I finished today was a long-time idea, that I was finally able to make into a video of a train running over my GoPro. :D 

Annndd... I shared something on IG. Told you! You couldn't trust my words in my previous post.
But, my attitude has really changed about why I'm posting. So... I'll excuse myself for bending the rules ;)


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