08 February 2015

Newborn Nolan

I always love it (and get a little nervous) when someone inquires about a session that is a little different than anything I've done... Believe it or not, I have never done a newborn session until now. And it was high time for me to put to practice some newborn tips I learned at a photography workshop.

Look at that sly little smile... ;)

I really enjoyed this session and I'm sooo ready for the family session coming up this Sunday! I went through a stage last fall (probably due to working and going to college full time :/) where I seriously wanted to just give up the whole aspect of portrait photography and basically any photography for hire at all. So glad I'm over that!! (Ranelle told me I would get over it) ;) 
But I also have a little more excitement for this session coming up than normal because I just got an email today telling me that my 35mm f1.4 will arrive on Friday! :) Now maybe a prime lens isn't necessarily necessary for a photographer to have, but man! I've just gotta have at least one! I actually hope that for any future lens purchases I won't get drawn into thinking that I have to have the Prime or L series lenses from Canon. The money spent on something doesn't always mean that there will be a visible difference in the quality. 


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