28 June 2014

Nathan and Cara {Wedding}

April 26th, 2014 ... Two of my cousins got married (trust me, they weren't cousin's though) ;)

The guys and their orange socks... xD

The Adams family... I love them dearly! :)

Meet Mr. Joe Elwell... the photo-bomber :P

This was the funnest thing that happened all day :D At first they were just going to try to jump behind the girls and make it look like they were jumping over... But it turned out to be harder than actually jumping over them :) So they did :)

:D The groom's cake... Yep! That's Nathan all over ;)

His exuberance shined through the whole day :)


This is likely my favorite <3

And they are off :)

Congrats, Nathan and Cara!!! :)



  1. I enjoyed the pics...especially since I missed the wedding! :) Lovely, smiling couple!!! :D

    1. I didn't notice you weren't at the wedding until Bretton said something recently. I'm glad I could give you a glimpse of it then! ;)