24 November 2015

Andrew {Senior 2016}

Sometimes, I have to chide myself for thinking so negatively.
Drew asked me to do his senior pictures, and the first thing that came to my head was... "that will be awkward." I guess I thought he would be uncomfortable with me, his cousin, taking his pictures and having him pose for me and blah, blah, blah. :P 

But, I waited until my Aunt contacted my mom, again reiterating that they wanted me to take Drew's pictures. So we set a date!

All I have to say now -- in regards to my apprehension -- is... "How laughable, MarLeah!" It turned out to be a great early-fall day with nice light. And we had a really great time going from one scene to the other, one change of clothes to another... We were just rolling with ideas - especially at the end when we were running out of light ;)

Let me just insert something here... I have so much admiration for anyone who sticks through band all throughout high school. It's not just about the class period when you practice a few pieces with the whole band. Drew applied himself to many other aspects of band: solos, all-State band, District band, etc. I know how character building it can be -- there are a lot of rough times along the way and maybe times when you want to quit. So I'll just say that he made me proud cousin :)

This is like *hands down!* my favorite picture from the whole evening! 
I love that stained wood, and the bassoon... and his suit... and the colors... Ahhh.... Hehe ;)

One Senior down, three more to go! :)


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