23 November 2015

Things of Home

Just a peek into my current life. This last week I was so thankful to have a semi-slow week... at least enough to enjoy being home a little more :) At least I got a lot of "domestic" things accomplished. :)

A little cooking to feed those I love...

A little guy who's not supposed to be in the house, but sneaks in... and I never mind his company :)

Sewing renovations are my favorite... 

Let it be known that I love soft lighting.
The first image is a cute ampersand lamp I found super cheap on our last vacation. It's currently in my new walk-in closet so I don't have to "wake myself up" with super bright lights when I'm getting ready for bed :) 
The second image is the new light daddy installed on the garage. Yay!

We did a little re-arranging downstairs in the room that I painted bright teal :) 
Truth be told... I could arrange and re-arrange all the time.

We had family time on Sunday and recorded a song together :)
I've posted one of the songs on Soundcloud for you all to hear.
(My cousin, Rodney Adams, is also singing -- just not pictured)


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