08 November 2015

Seniors 2016

I started out this weekend so drained and just ready to spend one, just one, weekend at home -- for once. To be honest, I would shake my head and wonder why I booked two senior sessions for this weekend. Ha! But I can't explain how much my energy was renewed for both Zac and Karissa's sessions once we got started. We had quite an exciting time at both sessions, and I just could feel myself getting completely in my photo-mode-zone.

{Karissa Senior 2016}

Right before this photo, I had thrown a big rock in the water so Karissa could step on it to get to a little island. Ummm... well, I must have completely forgot that throwing a rock in the water is going to splash. *face palm* Oh my! That's one of those indicators that I am in my "photo-mode-zone". Some of my reasoning goes out the back door when I am focused on getting a particular shot! Thankfully, her dress was made from a material that dries quickly and doesn't show up water spots!!! :P

I got to enjoy Karissa's company again today, since Zac's mom was unable to come. Karissa was a great help in keeping things natural and fun! :) (and so helpful with helping carry all the gear)

{Zachary Senior 2016}

Tea time :)

Just a little out-take from some of the unicycle shots :)

I love this moody shot of him juggling...
On our way back to our vehicles soon after this shot, he even juggled for a cook in a restaurant whose window looked out to the alley. It was such a cool experience because we could tell that we had just lighten that cook's evening by the big smile that appeared on his face :) 

Like I said, these sessions totally renewed my energy level! I came home excited to edit pictures, so I edited more of the other seniors as well :)

{Tessa Senior 2016}

We had many good laughs and so much fun taking these silhouettes of her :)

{Drew Senior 2016}

He's my awesome bassoon-playing cousin! :)



  1. I LOVE all of these! :) You do such a great job! :)

  2. Girl, you are so busy!!! I was thinking that when I was seeing your posts on Instagram! So much for a free weekend! ;) I absolutely LOVE that first one of Karissa. Her outfit, the lighting, ahh. So, so pretty. I love that all of these seniors are so different and have such interests, but you do FABULOUS with all of them. :) :)

    1. I know! I was like "at least I have a free weekend next weekend..." Oops, wait, I don't! Lol! But at least I'll be enjoying all my friends! :)
      And thank you very much, Heather! :)