23 December 2016

Christmas Update

I've never had to "process" Christmas before like I have this year. It hasn't been a bad thing at all, but honestly in some ways it feels like Christmas is over since I've already celebrated with our extended family and with Tyrel. I keep reminding myself that Christmas is INDEED still coming up and that I should get the move-on with getting my presents wrapped. 

Also, not having any siblings home for Christmas has made me stop, think, and remind myself to focus on what we are doing here in this season. I can't just carry on and blend in with the traditions of Christmas like every other year, so I've been challenged in a few areas of giving my time and giving joy. 

I also had a "rude" reminder today that Christmas is near because people are rushing around and getting grumpy when things aren't going so fast. Most of our customers were actually pretty good today even though we were obviously busy with it being the last day open just before Christmas. But one rotten customer reminded me to keep my spirit up and not let the stress of things during Christmas rush to get me upset. I was at work, needing to leave to go to lunch, and buy some wrapping paper so I could go home and wrap up presents for my parents. Yet, I was stuck with a malfunctioning encoder, so I couldn't make out a money order for this increasingly impatient lady I was helping. Even with my back turned I could feel her eyes glaring at me for taking so long. 🙄 After a phone call from her equally put-out husband, he came inside and declared they would just go take their business elsewhere. 
So with that "happy" feeling 😬 I left for lunch and was about to go the store to pick up wrapping paper. I could imagine that the store would be busy, and the overflowing parking lot confirmed that assumption. So I decided before I went in, that I was NOT going to think about my grumpy customer I just waited on, but I was going to do my best to not be upset with people that may be "wasting" my time 😝

Hehe, the trip to the store was less trying than it could have been, and I made it home in time to wrap my gifts. As I was wrapping, I placed the finished gifts on my new hope chest... and ohhh they looked so cute and "matchy" up there. 😄
Plus, I like any extra reason to admire the chest Tyrel made me for Christmas. 😍

Isn't it just sooo pwetty!?!? ☺️


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