18 December 2016

Love Times Four

November 12th 2016 <3

My super fun, extremely sweet, and very bubbly Heather dear got married. ☺️😍

Her wedding made me a bridesmaid for the fourth time this year.
It also brought Tyrel and I together for the fourth time since we'd been dating. 
And when you're dating long-distance, those "mutual friend weddings" are kinda a big blessing. ;) Hehe

On the wedding day, it was easier to carry around my phone, so I took an overall video of the day... though I could kick myself for not giving my phone to someone during the wedding to take a few videos for me. So I've got everything but that! ;P Hahaha!

Here's the video: Kevin and Heather

Rehearsal night :)

Heather and Laura... just too cute! 

Heather and Makenna

It was fun getting to see M for the first time! I had heard lots about their weekly trips to Chick-fil-A. ;) ;) Such a cute, fun girl. :)


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