17 December 2016

Fall Leaves

Flashback to Saturday, November 5th 

These are my favorite days. 
Spent outside with the cats pouncing on the pile of weeds you keep adding to.
The dog looking a little lazy and melancholy, but taking serious his job of guarding the place.
Sweeping leaves off the patio for the one-hundred and millionth time. 

We've been working on trying to make this hillside a little more manageable to maintain. So right now we are pulling weeds and hoping to plant some evergreens soon. :)

Normally I get a little mad at things if they immediately "mess themselves up" right after you fix it. You know... those things like the kitchen, that no matter how much you clean it, it's back to being messy in a few seconds. 
Andddd leaves... they kinda never end. But this Fall, it was almost like my favorite thing to do in my free time to keep the patio swept up. It kinda makes me feel a little old man that comes into the bank to exchange penny rolls for different ones - looking for old wheat pennies. Taking joy out of something that is redundant and fairly fruitless. 😂



  1. aw, that's cute about the little old man. Do you see wheat pennies very often?