17 December 2016

Ranelle Kayleene

Flashback to Wednesday October 19th :)

This day was kinda crazy. No, actually the week was a little bit crazy. ;P Saturday, the day of Ranelle's wedding was quickly approaching and things just weren't exactly going in the order planned. 
We were going to take pictures of Ranelle with her two favorite sisters ;) on Monday evening. That didn't happen. And none of that happened on Tuesday either. 
Well, on Wednesday, before I left for work, I laid out my camera gear for Alyssa to use to take a few bridal pictures of Ranelle by the big bay window in the room that used to be hers. :)
I got a few calls at work from my stressed out family saying that my gear wasn't cooperating for them. It was a slow day at work, so I came home to find out that a wire in my flash transmitter had come loose, so nope, it wasn't going to cooperate. 
I went back to work and left it up to the tired bride-to-be and Alyssa to figure out. And Alyssa worked some magic with the natural lighting. :)

I'm still so happy for Ranelle, that she found the love of her life. :)



  1. You are too generous. I know that I left you with picture in need of lots of editing, but hopefully they weren't too difficult. They turned out, though!

    1. Oh no, not at all! 🙃 They were just fine to edit!

  2. Thanks for posting these. I really enjoy the pictures and the updates. I wish we could have made it to Ranelle's wedding!