02 August 2017

Chopping Sorghum

Tyrel and his dad were chopping this field yesterday when the 20% chance of forecasted rain dumped... I mean POURED all 20% right in the field. 😭 So this morning we were all hoping and praying it was dry enough to go through the chopper without clogging it up.

They spent quite some time this morning pulling all the damp silage out.

As they were going along I took quite a few videos, and once I stationed myself up on the top side of the bed. Tyrel warned me that I might get blown on... I didn't think it would hit me enough to care, until Keith of course angled the shoot right at my face. The only thing I regret was that I didn't get the last part of the video where he was shooting silage at my face because my phone ran out of storage. 😩

This is my last time in West Virginia before we get married and I'll be living up here, and boy am I ready!
Only a month and a half of final wedding preparations and packing all my belongings into a trailer... 😊😄


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