06 August 2017

We Need Each Other

I've been saving up pictures through the last few months of things I've done and made for the wedding in hopes of sharing them along with wedding pictures later. Honestly, just to brag on myself for what a good job I did in creating my "homemade wedding."

Some of my desire to sew my dress, sew the bridesmaid dresses, make the cakes, arrange my own flowers, etc. could go under the label of industrious and saving money. But the bulk of it, honestly would go under the label of "MarLeah's pride." I've heard many times before that you want a wedding to be simple and not show off how much money/prestige you have. I'm finding out that it's really easy to get caught up in the same pride of making everything perfect, not with money, but with my own doings... however that may display itself.

Well, I've been learning a lot the last two weeks how much I can't do this wedding. At least not by myself. 
Ive been told over and over that I need to learn to delegate and let others help me. And boy does that look like a mountain to me. A HUGE mountain. First of all, I don't know the very beginnings of how to let people do things for me. Second of all, it hurts my pride that I have to obligate someone else and imagining in my head that others are thinking, "she wasn't superwoman enough to do it on her own". (I know people don't view it that way, but I wanted to be that way!!!)

This evening I was getting a little overwhelmed thinking about it, and I just took some time to pray. It seemed like the Lord wanted to show me that he doesn't want this to be "MY homemade wedding," he wants it to be a lesson on how to trust people and how to allow people to help me... he wants it to be a "We need each other" wedding 😊

With that, I'm going to share some pictures of things I have done with OTHER people for the wedding, not the things I have done myself. ☺️


That's right, I don't have any 🙄🤔
But that should be changing soon!!!


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