07 November 2013

Alyssa {Bridal Portraits}

It's really hard for me to even think of anything "happy" to write on this post. My sister got married on the 2nd of this month, and I must say I have already cried a good 4 or 5 times for her. The night before the wedding it felt like she had died or something. It was horrible. Most of those feelings were because I was at the end of a very long day and sleep was long overdue, but nonetheless I was still hurting at the thought of her moving so far away.
Recently, my dad made the comment, "Yeah, we will only see her a handful of times each year..." And the whole harsh reality hit again (as if it hasn't hit enough times!) "You mean to tell me that I will be lucky to see her a twice a year!?" This person I've spent nearly everyday of the last 18 years with... How sad! But people have already been giving me so much encouragement to help me through this though, and that has really helped. :)

Oh, how she loved her poor cat. Sadly, she wasn't able to take it with her, though. I mean, who really wants to travel on their honeymoon with a bawling cat. :P

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe"
I guess the handkerchief counts as Something Old and Something Blue... maybe? :)

I think this is my favorite of her. I love how her eyes match the chair!

Home. I'm glad someone suggested for us to take a picture in front of our house. Yes, I'm being very, extremely sentimental, but of all the beautiful backgrounds, I like this one with our house the best! ;)

Her engagement watch and flowers Marty brought her when he came out for the wedding.

Um, excuse me while I go cry some more. JK! ;)


  1. that's really sad Mar, but i just know that you are STRONG and BEEFY!!! :) just jking!!!(about the beefy part) love the pics!!

    1. Haha! Well, I've never heard anyone call me that, but hey it made me laugh, so...
      One of these days you will probably have to be the "strong and beefy" one ;) lol

    2. LOL!! your right...=D you mean for MY wedding right?! JK