26 November 2013

Free $50 Prints

I am so excited! Back in this post I shared some pictures that I was planning on printing with Nations Photo Lab but the promo code wouldn't work. Well, this time Tamara Lackey offered another code for $50 off your first order: TLNOVLUV (If you want to take advantage of this great offer too, make sure that you use the ROES software to order, because the promo code doesn't work on online orders)

So today I ordered these three un-stretched canvas prints for my new room and I basically only had to pay for shipping. Yay! :D

I plan on making these little cute things made from mouse traps to hang the prints on my wall.
I found the idea on Pinterest -- of course :P

Picture from ellaclaireinspired.com

When I went Walmart last night to buy them, I called my mom to ask her where to find them because I wasn't about to ask a sales associate where to find them... I would feel obligated to tell them that I was really only using them for a craft. And they would never believe me. *sigh* Who would!?

Picture from ellaclaireinspired.com

I think I'll put some burlap behind my prints to kind of "frame" them. But I'll make sure to show you all the finished product anyway.

So this week on my break I'll be painting my room, making a rug, making a ottoman (big pillow foot stool thing), making a skirt (if I have time), making these mouse trap picture hangers, making a pillow, and who knows if I'll be inspired to paint something on my 3' x 6' canvas that has been blank for the last two years ;P



  1. sounds like you'll be busy!!:P have fun- btw, wanna paint and decorate my room?! lol

    1. would you work good with yellow and gray retro?:) and classy?

    2. Totally! That's a really cute style.