25 November 2013

Family Portraits

I hardly ever take pictures in the morning, but I really enjoyed this morning family session. I guess that is probably due to my lazy sleeping schedule I've been on the last two years :P So it was nice to actually get out and see the morning sunlight for once ;) and I found that I really like the lighting for portraits.

I really liked the foliage in the left picture. This was actually on their property, and how lucky are they to have a weeping willow tree in their yard!? I would absolutely love one!

They also wanted to take the pictures at their house because they planned to include their German Shepherd, Sasha. She looks like a sweet, innocent dog in this picture, but let me tell you... she is a wild one, even though she is three-legged.  :)

So, this picture was taken after he had ran around the yard in circles with her until she laid down for a few seconds.

I love Chelsea's smile, and I love who she is. She has a strong character -- stronger than I ever realized in all of my years of going to school with her. I wish her the best in her life!

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and this cold weather! :)



  1. Oh my goodness, I just love fall time!!! The colors are so pretty in these photos! I think my favorite is the horizontal one with the dog. I just like the placement of everything. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

    1. I know. I loved the colors too. I was so surprised that we actually still had good colors because these were taken really late in fall.