04 November 2013

This Is What I Want To Do

{My-thoughts-with-a-few-pictures-thrown-in kinda post} ;)

Ever since I started college, I became quite unsure that photography was really what I wanted to do. 
That troubled me. A lot!
I really began to question myself (and pray) and try to weigh out why I suddenly didn't feel like photography was for me any more. Within a few short weeks I realized that it was because I wasn't really taking pictures anymore. So the next few weeks, I was determined to take pictures. Well, that didn't work because I really do enjoy taking pictures of people more than anything else, and no one in my family will volunteer to be a model. ;) haha

Then within a few more weeks someone asked if I would take their family portraits (yeah, everything I'm talking about happened in "week" increments, haha. But that's really the way it went). I was happy to do it, but I was oh so nervous at just the thought of it. But, it went really, really well and assured me that me and my camera really do belong together and I can make a successful business out of this.

A double rainbow from the night of the wedding rehearsal. When Ranelle and I pulled up at the chapel I made her stop and let me out with my camera so I could take pictures. Only to realize that I didn't have a memory card in. By that time she had already sped off to park so I had to book-it to where she was. Running barefoot on the gravel, mind you! (Yeah, a really great thing to do, MarLeah! Bruise your feet right before the wedding so you walk like a chicken down the isle!) Anyway, I managed to get back to my spot to take pictures before the sky changed.

And now that I look back over the time that has elapsed since I got my camera, I have really had a lot of confirmation that this could at least work (regardless of whether or not it would be the "dream job" for me - that's always a whole other aspect of a job/career). Anyway, I say that because I haven't even been seeking out clients at this point because I'm busy enough with college. And because that's just not what I had planned... so I was fine with just having my camera, learning it, and not having clients... but the clients have sought me out. So I'm getting some experience in early that I really didn't "plan" for in my little book of "How My Life is Supposed To Go" lol. That is the best part about life though -- all of the exciting things you couldn't have ever expected or imagined!

Then, last night I was reading the assigned chapter in our business book and it happened to be about marketing. I got so caught up in my own plans for my business that I couldn't get through the chapter. Now, granted, it's never been easy for me to read out of a text book. :P But, still this time I was just getting way too excited about the whole thought of having my own business. :)

So, now I am completely sure that this is what I want to do. I don't know how I will get to the different goals I have in mind. And I know that some of my ideas might even have to be re-worked, but right now I feel happy in knowing that God has led me here.



  1. I've been praying you would come to this conclusion. :-) I'm super duper excited for you & I'm glad you bear with me and all my "tips"! lol.... gotta do what a big sister's gotta do! ;-) If I'm not at work during your sessions & you need a diffuser/reflector holder.............. ;-) You might need to train me a little better first. haha.

    1. No, Ranelle, I LOVE all of your tips. They never get annoying, and I would be lost without you.
      Yep, I'll get you trained in for sure! "Where's the whip?" jk ;)