01 November 2013

"Never give up..." -Nightingale

No, I'm not giving a motivational speech here on the blog. 
I really shouldn't be blogging, in fact, because tomorrow is my sister's wedding. wow.
But I was trying to meet a deadline for some prints for my room, and without explaining why, I ended up making some picture quotes with some of my photography. 
I wasn't going to share these on here until I got the prints back, but... as it turns out, I must have missed the deadline (for an amazing promo code - somehow it wouldn't work). So with that disappointment, I turned to blogging. ;) Blogging always makes me feel better :)

An image from our travels through Tennessee this summer.

From our last family trip to Colorado this fall; Garden of the Gods

And this image reminds me to use my Lensbaby more (maybe I just need to get my camera out more). I took this one in the spring - way back in the first few weeks that I had my camera.

All of these were created with Quotes Cover.

Next week I should have a post up from my sister's bridal portrait session. She already gave me permission ;) In the meantime, I will be... Helping with last minute wedding prep. Standing up as the maid of honor. Enjoying all the wedding guest who are traveling in. Likely finding myself in some good game of Ultimate after the wedding. Saying goodbye to my sister who will be saying hello to a new life in West Virginia (wow!). Getting my whole weeks worth of homework done on Sunday. And my new life will begin Monday. My life in a household of four -- not five. 

Have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. Aww those would have been cool to put in your room! :( Too bad the promo code didn't work! But I liked how the quotes turned out anyway!