02 March 2015

Snowed in Sunday

To be honest, I was still so bummed about our cancelled trip yesterday that I really wanted do nothing but feel sorry for myself. Everyone was going out to sled though, so I told my pouty face that it might as well just stay inside by itself. The worst that would happen if I went outside is that I might have some fun... Haha! (I'm telling you, I REALLY did not want to go outside at all!)
Sigh :) 
Well, that was a good turning point for my day :)

Just a few snapshots for fun... 

Then adorable little Victor joined me making donuts in the evening... <3

He didn't do half bad... only a few spills that we laughed at. Btw - it was hilarious watching him crack the eggs. I only had to pick out two pieces of eggshells (besides the whole egg shells that he would just drop in there... ;P)

Hehe... yummy ;)

Then he played with water for the next thirty minutes ;D


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