11 March 2015

A Mind Portrait

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. Proverbs 3:13

This week has been pretty "rushed" spending time with my sister and brother in law who are out visiting. Rushed as in, we stay up late doing things together and I wake up late with really puffy, tired eyes XD Anddd... That means I really don't have much time to spend reading the bible. But this morning I determined to do a little more and I was extremely blessed with this verse in Proverbs. At first I read it and was like "Okay... great! But..." And then it was completely opened up to me in my situation in life. Sometimes it's really easy to get anxious about why it may seem like some things I wish for in life don't work out, etc., etc., Basically this verse tells us that if we get the understanding and the wisdom of how the Lord wants to direct our life, we can be happy wherever we're at, knowing that it was His leadings. Only IF we seek the wisdom of the Lord first.

So those were my musings this morning on our way to the Coleman Theater on my half-work-day :) 

Alyssa and I took two film cameras with Black and White film and both of our DSLRs... and I threw around the flash a little bit, too and got some cool shots. Alyssa knows someone who has their own developing process, so I guess we'll get to see what the film looks like on Friday :)