15 March 2015

Life Matters

So often we live our day-to-day life and can easily forget that each day we are doing something to affect who we are tomorrow. But not just tomorrow; tomorrow's tomorrow as well.

Recently, I read a little devotional that said we can learn God's will for our life by reading the Bible, praying, and asking for his will in the very little things in life. In certain situations I've caught myself with the attitude of, "Why do I need to worry about asking the Lord if this is in his will…?" 
Part of our message this morning at church was talking about being a child in respect to God being our father, and how we can have the similar carefree peace of a child when we have everything submitted to the Lord. It was brought out that David came to Goliath with assurance that he could kill the man through the power of the Lord only because he had trusted in the Lord for the times he was caring for his sheep. Okay, so if David really relied on the Lord when it came to protecting his sheep…Can the decision to trust the Lord in the little things that I face in my day to day life be anymore silly or scoffed at than to be trusting the Lord to protect my sheep from bears?? Now-days, if we didn't have a gun to kill the bear with, we would just become a massive bodybuilder and kill the bear with our own strength. Right?!?? Jk! But seriously, not many people would even think to ask the Lord to help them kill a bear. That's just something you're supposed to do with a spear or a gun (in respect to time periods)... But trusting in the Lord to protect his sheep was the only way David was able to have the confidence in the Lord to kill Goliath. 
In my life, there are some decisions… (some really big decisions!) that I know I'm going to have to trust the Lord in! At times when I ponder it, I've thought to myself, "How am I even going to know the Lord's will in this situation?"
I've come to this… Sometimes it might be good trust the Lord in the little things that maybe we could easily come up with the "right" decision on our own. 

Anyway, I have been enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon musing over these things in my nice little hammock… ;-)
In fact, the picture I used to put the quote on was one I took of the view directly above me :-)


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