04 March 2015

Not Over Yet

I woke up this morning to the radio listing off one hundred and one schools that were closed. So I peeked out the window, saw the ice/snow/whatever and curled up back in bed.
I really wanted to go explore some conservation areas today, but I guess the parents might not want me driving today. 

But, I guess yesterday was enough excitement :) Darren and I ended up going to Snow Creek up near Kansas City to ski. I think we both felt like it was worth the money and the trip. Darren caught on really good, too after realizing that trying the less-steep slopes really isn't how you learn to ski ;D Going full-throttle is the way to learn for sure! (He even ended up doing some jumps by the end of the day with no problem landing them!)

 I came home from skiing last night though, and my dad had the beetle in the garage (inward groan). D: Lol. The last thing I wanted to do last night was pull the VW engine. We did it though! And got it dropped off to "Red" this morning who will rebuild the values for me. 
Seriously, though. I really don't want to sell the beetle yet, but I'm thinking I might buy a car to go in between driving this VW and the new car that I have my eye on... Hmmm...



  1. Glad you got to do at least something this week. :)

    1. Well, yeah... but I've done a lot more cleaning and painting projects than I would have on a real vacation ;P