21 March 2013

Jumping Action

Finally! Here is the post; I was dealing with a sloooowww computer. 

I've always wanted to make and animated GIF, and I hope to make one for
my blog header -- eventually. 

So here's my shot at it -- using 120 pictures. It's nothing spectacular; and it
will probably take an eon or so to load depending on your connection.
Actually, it might just need to play through once until the timing is right.
Comment and let me know how it loaded for you.

Since I don't have a remote yet I had to tape a little
rubber button over the shutter-release. I just tightened the
tape to make it start firing. (the DIY way when my mom thinks 
you've spent enough money and should save things for her 
to get me for Christmas, haha)



  1. Nice job with the GIF! I still have no idea how to make one lol. And the page loaded fairly quickly, longer than a normal site would, but that's obviously expected. (we get around 5 Mbps down btw)

    1. Thanks! It's not too complicated.
      Okay, good!

  2. Maybe 30 seconds losing time on our wifi