15 March 2013

A Concert

Sweet memories...

Last week I went to a concert by the Manasse-Nakamatsu Duo (clarinet and piano).
It's actually quite a lively little concert... especially when they get to the rag pieces. :)
I went with my sister and my friend, and since I always hate ending a perfectly good
evening out without stopping somewhere to eat I suggested Andy's... and it was perfect.

Andy's Frozen Custard

It's a simple picture, but this lensbaby action going on is making me miss my camera
so bad! My sister took it overseas on a little adventure -- no, it should be called "over 
the ocean"! :) Anyway, it should be back on Sunday! I'll will be more than happy!

Have a great day, and grab an Andy's raspberry concrete while you're at it!
(I'll be feasting on several tacos from the only, Taco Bell) ;)

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