26 March 2013

New Adventures

Well,  this is something I've never done before. It's 5am; I am warming up
from my 2 hour station in the 24 degree weather.
No, my parents did not kick me out, and they knew I was doing this. :)

I was taking a star trail. :) I took 192 pictures at 30 sec exposure, 100
ISO, and f/4.0. 

This is one of the pictures that will be combined with the rest later to show
the movement of the stars.

Here is a little more of my experience for those who care to know:

I sat up my camera on a tripod with the 18-55mm lens set on 18mm. I
auto focused on a star by zooming in (I heard that it messes up the focus
to zoom in, set the focus, and zoom out; but I didn't notice anything
wrong). Then I switched it to manual focus so it wouldn't refocus (I really
need to learn how to use my back-button focus so I don't have to use the
I used the button-taped-over-the-shutter-release method again, haha. :) Which
is one of the reasons I had to stay out there the whole time: to make sure the
tape never loosened (it did at first, but I got it fixed). Also, I had my camera
set up right by the road, and I wouldn't think of leaving it out by itself.

Then, I sat there for an hour.... until I got the bright idea to get the laptop. Time
always passes so much faster with the internet and music, so that was a wise move.
Whenever a car passed by, I would hunker down and mummer to myself,
"you don't see me, you don't see me, you don't see me."   And then I wondered:
"What would they do if they did see me?" Well apparently nothing, because I'm
sure they saw me! How can you not see a person who is sitting 7 yards
from the road when your headlights are shinning on them? :)

Oh my, I'm sooo cold!

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