28 March 2013

Practice Run

I'm am scheduled to take someone's senior pictures on Sunday; I have been
super excited and nervous at the same time. I took my sister for a shoot to get
more hands on experience besides all of the research I have been doing.

I learned some valuable lessons -- rather, nuggets of truth. :)


Truth: Alyssa knows how to edit; I definitely need her nearby throughout the
whole editing process until I get the hang of it. (she edited this one)




Truth: The Lensbaby Edge 80 has style, but it lacks in focus.  :( So I have decided
that until I can focus like a pro, I'm just taking my 18-55mm and Alyssa's 55-250mm.


Building Art

Truth: Lensbaby works best on nature, buildings, etc. when you aren't trying to focus
on someones teeny tiny eyeball. :P


Truth: Alyssa has me hooked on messy window pictures. :)



  1. nice window picture. ;)
    Truth: after a bit, your camera, and yes, even the fickle-focus lensbaby, will be connected to your nervous system: what you think, it will do. :) just wait.

  2. I can't wait to see your Senior pics you take! Hope it goes well on Sunday! :)