15 March 2013

Out of Focus

I'm absolutely loving this weather; it sends everyone into the automatic good-mood-mode,
so how can you keep from being happy?! :) Love it!

Out of Focus

I've always had a place in my heart for pictures that were intentionally taken out of focus. :D 
And I love this self portrait even though I really wasn't trying to make it out of focus. 

The short little story goes something like this: one day I meet Lensbaby Edge 80,
I feel in love, I purchased the lens, it meet my camera, and I tried to take a self
portrait. Ha! What was I thinking... it is an 80mm lens, so coupled with a
less-than-full-frame camera, I have to back up pretty far to get what I want in the
frame. Anyway, I got a good picture out of it, and I now know that I definitely need
to buy the macro rings for my lens.

Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy this weather if yours is anything like mine! :D

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