12 July 2013

Fair Night

I had an amazing time at the fair! I was able to get the shots I wanted and more! Now that is awesome to try something for the first time and it just work out!

I was even asked by a worker if I worked for the newspaper, and he said it looked like I had expensive equipment. ;) --why, thank you, it does happen to be expensive. :D

I'm just so happy and so excited, that I have to share a few pictures. :)



  1. Ok really? Three photos? I wanted to see a whole page of pics! :P I mean, I know you have all the time in the world to edit and edit the hundreds of photos you took, right? ... Right? Ok just kidding. ;) I'm sure I'll see them @ Monark! :)

  2. Haha... stinker. Be thankful you saw any at all... I went to McD's at 11:40pm right after we left the fair to post these for you, lol. :P

  3. I like that last one. ;) haha and I like the one you took of me.