12 July 2013

Photo Booth

We had a lot of fun with the photo booth at Marty's going away party!

I was able to get everyone but three people to participate. ;) Which means that there are way too many to post on the blog, so I just have a few on here. 

Okay, so I said a few... but it was really hard to weed out the funny ones :P
(And trust me, this is a few compared to how many we took!)
So I hope you had a good laugh!


P.s. I realize it is kind of unfair to post of all these people and not include a goofy one of me... so here you go. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness this is hilarious! I'm really loving the ones of Darren! :P
    And the lollipop!! I'm trying not to bust out laughing here at the library!

    1. I know! They were so great!
      Just take your laptop outside for a bit, to get a good laugh ;)