08 July 2013

Lensbaby Love

I'm super excited about my 50mm lens -- that I should be getting shortly :D -- but I still love my Lensbaby.

Here are some of this week's pictures with the Composer Pro + Edge 80.

Major sun flare... but I kind of like it because it doesn't distract from the main subject, but almost show cases her.

I think she was in need of a nap ;)

Those pictures of her seem to have quite the style change from one to another. I almost think my favorite style is the first one of my Uncle next to Lacey because it seems to have the perfect blend of the soft look that super sunny pictures give, but still preserving the right color.

These are cabins that are on our national campmeeting grounds located in Monark Springs, but we just call it Monark. We had a workday there Saturday to clean everything up, and I had to pull out my camera to finally capture these cabins that I have always loved. Monark has always been so special to me. I cannot wait for it to start!

This week, me and my camera should have a little fun together... ;)

Tuesday -

  • The Canon 7D will meet the 50mm f/1.8 
  • Possible photo booth (at Marty's going-away party) It should be fun as long as everybody participates in the goofiness :P

Someday this week -

  • I'm supposed to take some more pictures of Marty and Alyssa before Marty leaves for WV. (I know my sister will miss him like crazy, but I think I might miss him just a little bit, too ;))
Wednesday thru Saturday -
  • It's the Newton County Fair... I have some big plans for pictures and video clips, so basically I'm just going to stalk the booths, rides, and random people. Haha ;) I can only hope it turns out as I envision, though. Oh well, I should at least come away from it with a few pictures to share.

Everybody have a fabulous week!

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