31 July 2013

First Morning Camping {Personal}

It rained really hard last night. (it sounded pretty cool inside the yurt - btw)
So this morning it was still drizzling and our hopes 
to make a nice big breakfast over a campfire were kind of canceled. 
But someone who woke up early left us a perfect fire going on in a pit inside the activities pavilion. 

So we got to make a nice breakfast after all, hitching off of someone else's fire, hehe. :)

yummy, yummy food :)

Sis. Rosie put the biscuits in with the coals... she said there are a certain amount of coals you are supposed to put on top so that it will cook right. Nifty, nifty... I never knew that!

Heather took this one :)

Slightly burnt, but they weren't shabby. :)

hehe ;)

Depending on the weather, we might go kayaking today. :DDD



  1. Hey! I want you to know that I REALLY like your blog. Whenever I am bored- your my back-up.:) It looks like your camping trip was fun. The pics are gr8. To bad not everyone has that talent.:)))