18 July 2013

Summer Nights and Fair Lights

Before I went to the fair I was thinking... "Okay, my main object is to get some clips to make a short film with, but if I'm not getting what I want at least I can take pictures... I know how to do that." 

Well, I was more than pleased with how my ideas started coming together on video, so much that later when I was going through the files to get some pictures to post I realized that I had more videos than anything, and I was hard pressed to find some pictures. ;)

I even broke out my Lensbaby Double Glass optic (for like the first time since I got it :O) and I thought the effect was quite fitting for the fair.

(The last 5 images were taken with the Double Glass optic)

And it's not really a good experience until you get some overpriced fair food. ;)