01 September 2013

Colorado {Personal}

Whee! I have a lot to share.
I can't believe this is our last family vacation ever! 
(due to my sister getting married soon)

So yesterday, my oldest sister and I flew out to meet the 
rest of my family in Colorado. It was my first commercial flight, 
and I must say I'm already hopelessly in love with flying. :)
The whole airport atmosphere just captivates me! 

We drove through Garden of the Gods on our way to the cabin
from Denver. It sprinkled a little on us, but not so much that I couldn't
get some shots. ;)

We visited a little bit of the downtown area of Manitou Springs.
I have to say there were a LOT of really weird people.
...almost more than I saw in New York City, no joke.
Then we drove through some of the residential area
and it really felt like we were in another country... even Ranelle agreed.
It was just very different.

Just a little teaser... all I have time for now.


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