14 September 2013


These are some of the pictures I quickly lumped together and showed you 
in this post here, when I was still in Colorado. So here are the full images. :)

Garden of the Gods :)
I used my Lensbaby Edge 80 on this shot to give it a miniature look.

And I think this is my absolute favorite image I have taken with the Lensbaby yet. 

And I even taught my dad how to use the Lensbaby :)
So he took this one of us

And here again is the image I submitted into the landscape contest. You can vote for me if you have Facebook, and it will *maybe slightly* influence the judging, but the contest is not based on likes.

If you don't have Facebook, go on over and check out all the amazing entries anyway. Some of them are absolutely amazing! http://woobox.com/f4nhhw/vote/for/1292609 

I brought out my Double Glass optic, that I practically have never used since
the day I got my Lensbaby, and I think I actually kind of like it. 

It gives this zoom-y effect to every picture, so I doesn't work all the time, 
but I liked it for the tourist-y shots I got around town that day. 
All of the rest of the pictures in this post were taken using the Double Glass.

From PJ's Bistro. I was terribly, terribly sick at this point, but I was still
taking pictures ;P

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Awwww I love those pics:)!! It makes me want to go:)

    1. Yay! You got it to work. :D ...and yes, it even makes me want to go back and relax some, too. ;)