13 September 2013

Vote for Me!

Okay, remember how I said I like to submit into every possible
contest? Yeah, I've got another one of those and you can help me out
by voting for me. :)


just click on the link above and wait for my image to load 
completely and click "vote" in the top left corner

This time it's a landscape image from our vacation to Colorado.
We were kinda bummed that day because it was cloudy and stormy and we were 
supposed to go sight-seeing. But, while we were at Garden of the God's 
such magnificent light rays broke through the clouds.

So pretty, pretty, pretty please go vote for me :D

And stay tuned for more Colorado pictures coming up soon :)



  1. That is SO so amazing! What lens were you using?

    1. For this one I just had my kit lens on so I could get a wide view. I used exposure bracketing to take three consecutive shots with different exposures, then I combined the pictures in Photoshop so I could have both the sky and the ground exposed correctly.