19 September 2013

Hello, Right Brain!

My creative side has been feeling very deprived lately!
Today, I realized that I just needed to get out and take some pictures.
But, then I remembered why I practically haven't taken pictures in two weeks...
Both of my memory cards have been full of wedding pictures.
I wanted to be double sure that they were safely backed up before I took them off.

So I just grabbed my camera tonight with a fresh memory card
and just took the most random nature pictures ever, but at least I
feel a little more connected with my camera now! :D

Oh, wow. People have been talking about fall... and taking
this picture, just kinda made it all sink in. Fall is definitely approaching!

Yep! It's a grave stone! I normally jog at the cemetery. It's really
a nice place to go (better than a park where everybody in town 
know that you're running) though I would much rather be on a 
wooded trail... but we don't really have any of those around here.

Yeah, I'm definitely feeling fall... sigh...


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