08 September 2013

Pre-Wedding Excitement

I went to the rehearsal for the wedding I will be photographing tomorrow, and I am so, so thankful that the wedding will be outside, and not in this chapel. I dislike the warm colors that are so hard to correct.

I wanted to post some pictures just because I've been working with them, and thinking about what I should do, etc. But I must say I have a list of disclaimers that you must keep in mind if you even peek at the pictures below, lol ;)

1. At the wedding tomorrow my f/stop is going to stay on f/4 or higher unless I am taking a portrait of the bride or details in the wedding... so none of this out of focus business you see going on in the pictures below ;) (I was just desperate for more light in the chapel)
2. I had my ISO cranked wayyyy up. So yeah. They are pretty grainy. (Again, I needed more light) Tomorrow, ISO 100! nothing else :)

I love this girl; she is so photogenic and sweet:)


Oh, Karissa, you look gorgeous! (really you looked the best of everyone for such a candid shot!)

Isn't she the most adorable-est :) I'm so excited that she will be in the wedding.
We have already bonded in a way :)

Yeah, it's going to be so cute at the wedding with 11 children going down the aisle :) So cute!

btw, this is my 100th post :)


  1. Whose getting married? I recognize a lot of the people....but I couldn't really see the bride or groom :P

    1. Brittney Allen and Isaac Bell :) they are in the 7th picture, if you want to count down, lol.

  2. I am really excited to see the actual wedding photos:).... I think the wedding turned out so cute! Britt looked amazing!!!

    1. :) And I know, it was simply beautiful, and she had a perfect smile all the time!