26 September 2013


I really want to challenge myself to keep going in photography even though I've devoted this school year to learn about running a business. So, I've been browsing Flickr and different places to get the ideas rolling. But, my idea for this week actually came from an article I found... so I've been scouting out shadows all week. Actually, they are everywhere, but it's hard to think outside of the box to capture them.


I love natural light so much! Bright light, dark shadows, gradients, and everything in-between :) I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a window in my room.

Then last night, laying in bed, I saw this little "spot-light" on my wall from a Scentsy warmer I had going. There was some junk setting around that was being "shadowed" onto the wall that triggered me to think about my shadow project, so I moved the junk and had a little fun myself. :)

Does this look like a bunny? Ha! I'm really bad with making those little shadow figures, don't judge :P

Elephant! probably my favorite animal besides pets :)

A little motion blur + a shadow. Though, I'm sure the motion blur is more dominate in the picture :P

me and my camera