01 December 2013

A Lesson on the Lensbaby

I had to get some shots for a powerpoint presentation I'm giving tomorrow about my Lensbaby Composer Pro + Edge 80 optic (now sold together). And for no real reason I feel like sharing them. 
Because, why not?
Actually, Einstein said that if you cannot explain it simply, then you do not understand it well enough. So this might be a test of my knowledge... 

So here goes.

This is the difference in aperture sizes. F/2.8 means that the opening in the lens (which lets the light in) is open really wide (as far as it goes in my Edge 80 optic). F/22 means that the hole is really small so it lets very little light in. So, for this example I went ahead and cranked my ISO (how sensitive the camera's sensor is to pick up the light) all the way up to 6400 so that's why you can see more grain in the picture.
But, the main difference seen in the two examples is how much is actually in focus. 
With f/2.8, the larger opening allows the light to come in to the camera from more angles
With f/22, it creates "deep focus", which is saying that more things are in focus because the light rays coming through the lens are more parallel to each other.

Actually, that was just a lesson on aperture, not necessarily the Lensbaby, because every lens can change aperture.

This next example however, is exclusive to the Lensbaby Composer Pro. But first, let's see what the lens even looks like...
Image from Lensbaby.com

This is the Composer Pro base and the Edge 80 optic put together. It can tilt around in anyway you would like. 

When you have it positioned straight, it will act as any other lens... where the objects in focus is determined by the aperture size and the focal distance you choose.

But when you tilt the lens, it bends the plane of focus to the angle that the lens is tilted... resulting in a "slice of focus" that is now not based on how far the object is from you, but how drastically you tilt the lens.

Image from Lensbaby.com

For most of you, this is just a lot of "blah, blah, blah" that you will likely skim over. But if nothing else, I think I educated myself a little bit more by creating this post... :P

Happy December!

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