22 October 2013

A Week of Fall

I woke up this morning to the aroma of a wood fire. Ah! It was the first time my dad has started the wood furnace since it has gotten colder, and it just makes me feel so cozy and happy! 
The grass might still be green around here and the trees haven't quite changed colors completely, but I'm loving the fall feel that's in the air. 
Over the weekend, I went on a hayride up to a bluff to enjoy games, supper, fellowship, and an evening service. Not to mention, it was a great place to take family portraits of a beautiful couple and their little toddler. {I will have to hold on sharing those until Christmas, so they can send them out in their Christmas cards, but trust me I can't wait to share! I already have the blog post made up and scheduled for December 26th ;) }

Anyway, I wasn't feeling very much like a photographer that day, until I took the family portraits, ha! But, I did take a few shots of the scenery.

I never tire seeing this sight. It is always an awesome experience to go out to the bluff with the leaves crunching beneath my feet, the fresh woody smell of the trees nearby, and then to look out over God's vast creation.

Yesterday, I got to take a break from being at college to visit my Aunt. She had cookies in the oven and apples and dip prepared, and it was just perfectly fall-ish to get cozy on the couch and have a nice chat. Maybe it's safe to say that I just love life and all of it's seasons! God is so good to me!
On my way back to college the sunset was so dazzling that I had to pull over and get some road-side shots. Well, and some of them were taken while I was driving, as you can tell. Shame on me, I know, for being a distracted driver on the road! ;)

I hope that placing two portrait images side by side will allow everyone to see the full image. I chose to do this because I was really wanting the width of the images on the posts to be the same. So just keep letting me know if it's not perfect. 



  1. I love the photos of the sunset, awesome colors! Looks like I've found some new wallpapers! :)

  2. Oh I LOVE the ones you took on the side of the road! And I like the two vertical photos side by side. It's a lot easier to look at now. :)