19 September 2014

Cabin Love!

I am really not quite sure how much longer I can stand the anticipation of the future ^o^
Good anticipations... :)

One thing is the thin hope that I will be able to pick up my iPhone at an apple store instead of waiting for it to ship. D: So I keep checking the website everyday to see if I can reorder and choose a store location instead... of course, to no avail... yet! 
The other is the possibility of going full-time with my job. Ekk! I feel like I could be jinxing myself even by just by mentioning it. *Shhh!* Every time I even think of the opportunity I don't even dwell  on the thought very long... as if to not scare the chance away. XD It would mean that I would finally be able to travel because I would finally have the funds and the time off! Of course, it would mean things like a new car too. (I am already completely captivated and drooling over two possible candidates to accompany my little retro thing :P)
Between those two things, I'm just about on the edge of my seat and I can not concentrate on homework or editing wedding photos. 
That's why I'm here!
Blogging. :)
It seems to be the only thing I can do right now. 

So, ladies and gents... settle in and enjoy the short picture story of five friends who took a little vacay in a cabin at Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Maybe you should take out your pen and a slip of paper to take notes... because you just might learn some shocking stuff about what girls do when they are together in a cabin for a weekend.

This was our view the whole way up the mountain. We stopped at least 6 times to get out of the car and take pictures :)

While I was at work, Mecia text and said that we wouldn't be disappointed with the cabin... we sure were not! I really want it for my house! It was the perfect size: small enough to be cozy, but the tall ceilings made it seem perfectly spacious, too! I really wish I was sitting on the bed in one of the rooms typing this post right now instead of my own bed... lol.
When Katelyn and I arrived, Mecia and Heather had supper ready for us... and we only lacked Kelsey. The four of us hopped in the hot tub after our meal and waited for her to arrive.

Any guesses?
Yeah, the five of us jumped on the bed and broke it. 
Yeah, I think we were a little shocked ourself. And embarrassed that WE (five grown girls) thought we would survive jumping on the bed. AND that we were doing such a silly thing in the first place.
Well, thankfully it was easy to fix. 
We all vowed that we wouldn't tell anyone about it... but guess what was the first thing out of my mouth when I saw my mom? "We broke the bed..." 
I guess it's just natural to tell on yourself sometimes.

We also had a little experience with some Jack Daniels... No, we didn't drink any of course! But there was a drained bottle left over in the cabinet. And we took one of the craziest, funniest pictures I've ever seen of Mecia and Kelsey looking completely stoned. We laughed over that picture for 30 minutes. Don't get me wrong, we were not condoning that kind of behavior AT ALL, but the picture was ab-wrenching funny! 

Ha! We get goofy when a camera is aimed at us sometimes... don't look too closely ;P 

We left our cabin a little bit for ice cream and shopping...
Somehow every place we were at, people could tell that we were on a little vacation. One clerk kept chatting with us and spent 15 minutes ringing up our items because we were so "captivating" or something. And there were people waiting behind us, mind you. Also, local man and his son took an interest in informing the five touristy girls about a place called "the dip", Lol, which is nothing more than really a dip in the road. Ha! When we thought we had lost him... he came bounding back through the door and dumped some "diamonds" in my hand as our souvenir from Broken Bow I guess. When he finally walked out the door, we just looked at each other an rolled our eyes... We ended up throwing the "diamonds" in the trash, though, since we couldn't find enough hands to juggle the ice cream, our cameras, and purses and the little crystal things. Yeah... sorry sir

Mecia had a wonderful meal planned for us to grill! Even Kelsey said her brothers would be jealous ;P

S'mores! :D 
Somehow they never taste as good as I expect them to, though.

Katelyn and I had spent quite a little bit of time trying to build a fire for roasting marshmallows... We almost gave up when we heard some animal rustling around in the woods. We ran, screeching, back into the cabin and gained some confidence in numbers... So all five of us went out there and chased the armadillo around a bit. :P
Then we all sat around the campfire and told some pretty lively stories. :P



  1. Oh my my. What a life we lead.;);) -Mecia

    1. No kidding! Um... you don't mind me telling on ourselves do you? Haha. Too late I guess. :P

  2. Sure, why not. It only hurts what little credibility I had.haha -Mecia

  3. I just read this post today, and oh it brought good memories!!!hahaha I loved how you captured it all! :)

    1. That was Kelsey by the way.

    2. Lol, I could tell it was you :) Yep, had a good time! Glad you were able to come!