27 September 2014

Wedding Edit Weekend

These two were the cutest!
They were both so terribly shy walking down the isle, but they made it! ;)

So I'm just wedditing... I've gotta get it done by Tuesday.
I really wish I could be taking a nice long bike ride, or be on a road trip, or hiking half dome (Yosemite, baby)...

Oh, snap! Back to reality.

Nope, I just worked over 40 hours this week and did tons of homework, and met up with a friend, and went to young people's meeting. So I really don't want to be sitting in my blue suede chair doing nothing but editing all day... no matter how comfy and fluffy the chair is. 
Maybe all I really need is some tea and a great playlist to get me in the right mood to just sit here and edit.

Starbucks? Yeah that would be great, but that would cost money. I'm really weird when it comes to money... I deny myself so many times and then I just go and spend the same amount somewhere else on something lame. Like the ten donuts I bought the other day. Don't ask where they went. My whole family seems to be on a diet except for me. So, no, I didn't offer any to them... *unashamed*


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