02 August 2013

Cramming It All In

I would blog everyday. For some reason I really like to. Somehow for two whole months I blogged everyday, and that was when I was still in school. I don't know what has happened to me. Maybe, it's that the newness of my camera and the blog has worn off. Or maybe I just don't know how to respond to this new stage in life. I've always been very schedule oriented, so maybe losing the structure of going to school and having a certain amount of hours at home every night has been messing with me.
Anyway. I actually seem to stress and worry about not getting to post on here due to trying to fit everything-under-the-sun into my summer. And... so the past week, when my mind would wander back to that mental check-list that is always going on, I kept re-visitng the one that said something like "you need to blog!!! ekkk!" 
So this isn't anything that has been on my list of things to blog about or anything... but it's just a little bit of what I've been up to lately. 
I don't have my photoshop trial anymore. So pooh! But here are some good ole SOOC images for you! Hopefully a few more scholarships coming soon will solve that Photoshop/Lightroom issue. ;)

{SOOC explained: just because you were wondering ;)}

National church camp... Monark! This year was better than the best! But then again, that happens every year I go :)

Lunch Line. 
God answered our prayer for rain, and we had such nice, cool weather during the meeting.


Plenty of bugs for the boys ;)


"Upon the confession of your faith..." :)


Such a familiar sight... I love it :)

Well, tomorrow I'm off to another camp meeting. :)


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