02 October 2013


Ehh... I'm sorry if my blog is boring you because it's boring me. Ha!
I've been thinking, "Why haven't I had anything cool or exciting on my blog lately?"
Well, I have been in a tad bit of a photography rut. I tried to prevent it, but I must say,
I'm definitely there. :/
So, I brought out my camera yesterday and I was determined to take some pictures. The result: pictures of my common, everyday life. ;)

We've had a lot of fresh flowers around the house lately :) Not sure why, but hey, I'm not complaining.

The rest of these images I was just experimenting with the quality and desired bokeh. (out of focus areas) :)

my dad at work

my mac :)


my car :)



  1. i like the flower picture!! its really pretty:P

    1. btw, i also love your new setup:) it rocks:P

    2. Well, thank you! Hopefully I'm not quite finished! ...buuut I'm about to pull my hair out with all this "editing the HTML codes" stuff o.O So we'll see how much more I do ;)