05 October 2013

A Wedding Shower

Wow, we are getting super-ooper-dopper close to my sister's wedding {less than a month now}.
Thank goodness I actually have my bridesmaid dress mostly complete because I really didn't foresee it sneaking up on us like this. {Especially when you have your sister and bride-to-be constantly sharing the countdown, by the second, to the time of her wedding... it seemed to drag on with her "nagging"} But I can't wait for the big day {Nov. 2} :D

The bride-to-be and her momma :)

I spent my whole day off from college on Tuesday cleaning and getting the decor ready for the shower. Then, it was time to relax and enjoy our friends. {Does anyone else find it difficult to transition from the frantic I'm-rushing-around-getting-the-house-ready to the calm and collected Hi!Welcome-to-our-home.I'm-trying-to-be-hospitable-now?}
Anyway, and time to eat Butterfingers! Yeah, you might spot them in a picture below ;)

Sweet little bit of "happy-baby" drool :P

And then of course, after the lovely evening was over, and all the guest had left... time to bring out the books and get my homework done and a little bit of sleep before going to school the next day.

And, yes. I have updated my blog and I will be making some more changes to it. :)
It was really a last minute thing I decided to do last night after being inspired by a blog I liked to try to make my little bloodspot look as less-blogspot-ish as possible! :P

I must get on my accounting homework now. Goodbye, while I hole up for the next 4 hours with my nose in my accounting book and my fingers flying with numbers. :)



  1. I love your new look!!! And the colors for the wedding shower were gorgeous!! I love the teal!

    1. Thank you! I must admit, Ranelle was the one who picked out all of the decorations, I just helped set up. So kudos to Ranelle ;)