12 October 2013

Vintage Style Wedding

Last Sunday was another lovely, happy wedding that I got to attend {and of course bring my camera along as a guest} So I got some shots from my seat that had people's heads in them. But hey, I'm okay with that; there can be a certain creativity and perfectness in the most un-perfect situations in photography.

When I first walked up to the front doors of the chapel I saw this most adorable old car and I exclaimed, "Oh, that looks just like Kariann!" They were going away in a '61 Cadillac! How cool is that?! Of course, I do have a certain pull to old cars now that I drive around a retro one everyday :D

So, I've made a little video for you that shares just what my view of the wedding was like as a guest. The song was "I Walk The Line" that Dusty sang to Kariann during the ceremony. It was just terribly sweet! :)

During the ceremony, Alyssa leaned over and whispered for me to take a picture of "him". Well, I happened to be looking at the photographer at the moment and so I swung my camera up and was about to take a picture of the photographer doing his job, when Alyssa was like, "No, the little boy!" I was like, "Oh. Haha!" She told me that I was waayyyy to ready to take a picture of the photographer. ;) Well, all I can say is... you know where my mind is: on photography (the man was using a really sweet lens, btw) ;)

The adorable couple...

As you can tell from the video, all the food was even vintage-y. Like the old-style coke and root beer bottles. Well, I'm not a fan of either of those products, but I had to get one just because I loved the old glass bottle it was in. ;) It turns out I really should have got root beer! Blah! I forgot how completely nasty coke was. :P

Have a wonderful, wonderful Saturday!


  1. Replies
    1. No! It burns my throat, and it's not even sweet! It really does taste like it should stayed back in the lab where it was invented... haha! Thanks, though :)

  2. Looks like their wedding was so cute!! I love vintagey-ness!! Loved the video too. I could actually view this one! :)

    1. Yes, it was! Well, you will be here soon enough, so you can see the other wedding :D